Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Books and the Outdoors

I am very sorry to have left you all on that rather down-beat post for so long!

I am at a bit of a loss where to begin with this one however! I guess i will just try to trace back the days for you!

Thursday, i did end up going on my long run. However, that nice 5-miler i was planning became a 6.75 mile run, courtesy of epic failure with directions, and navigation around the nearly street sign-less area of Rathmines. 
I ended up running through a golf course out of pure desperation trying to find my way home! It all worked out though, because i met the very nice owner of the golf course who (after informing me it was a private club and i was going the wrong way) drove me back to the road in his golf cart. 

haha it was an interesting run, for sure. 

Friday i ran to school, then got in trouble at Cafe Fresh for loading a bit too much food on my 7.25 euro plate...whoops!

then i raced aboard a train and worked on my essay for English class on my way to Laura's!

It felt great to be back in Mayo again! I absolutely adore Laura's family, and it gives me a very comforting sense of home (a few times however, i became overcome with cravings for a hug and to be with my own family :/ ).

Friday and Saturday i enjoyed plenty of yummy food, great talks with her family, and a shut-in lazy Saturday as i finished The Thief Lord. A splendid book minus the very last line. haha

Then Sunday we got up a bit earlier and went hiking out on the Western Way trail, which was absolutely GORGEOUS! For the beginning of the hike it was almost all paved trail, however we did follow Kip and Laura's Dad's leads and traveled through the actual woods for a better view. 

Run Kip! Run!

i loved this picture. the caption in my head was "this must be the light"
Laura's dad wanted her to try to climb across...after much pleading her mom just walked away haha

Completely stunning right? I felt so blessed to be able to get out to such gorgeous sights!

Laura and i also off-roaded it and hiked up a nice little hill in desperate search for a view! The day was still beautiful and clear, but as you can see in some of the pictures the dark started to approach.

just look at the sky comparison from here

to here!

and then, just as the trail started to turn into a REAL hiking trail, the rain began!
slowly at first, then enough to ensure the next section of the hike was nearly all mud...

the above are pictures i took after the worst of the mud-trek.

and below are some of the fun pictures from the end of the hike!

the Ireland i know and love, where sheep roam free

i have to say, i am a tad obsessed with unique bridges right now

not the best picture...but oh well haha
oh, and the after hike:
they are still dirty
So then we boarded the train and headed home, but with Laura's sister who is staying with us this week! It was really sad saying goodbye to her parents though, because they have been so wonderful to me! And my talk with her mom on Saturday, it really made me feel better about my decision to go and pursue a more fun option than college. She made a lot of my anxiety that had built up recently about not going to college NOW subside, and i was left feeling really happy and excited for my decision, and confident i will continue to learn in more exciting ways than most of my student counterparts ;)

So that brings us to Monday, where i skipped my run and walked in and out of college. it was a pretty darn nice day :)
i just discovered that i need to set aside an extra hour when i go to sleep for...tossing and turning time :/

and Today. I woke up and saw the constant stream of rain outside. After serious contemplation of skipping my run, i forced myself to go out in the rain for a 3 mile run, just around a loop twice. the way the rain was falling reminded me of how it rains in Oregon, which brought an odd comforting sense to me. When i got home after the run, i was amazed at how GREAT i felt! it was as if the rain had just washed all the worries and pain away from my body, and i was left with pure simplicity. 

i spent a great deal more than i should have the rest of today scoping out the best deals for Christmas gifts, and managed to pick some stuff up for my youngest sister! I also viciously read some more of Battle Royale, and i am pretty proud for getting 165 pages into a 576 page book in just two days of reading, especially considering all the characters' names are very traditional Japanese ones. Man that has been confusing! But it is a wonderfully fast read though. i am so glad i finished my very LAST assignment for the year tonight! that means i can now spend my free time reading, instead of typing and getting distracted on the computer :P

a quick angry note: the crap washers in Halls only washed half my clothes in the cycle. somehow, only half of them got wet and had soap on them...they really are poor quality and for 3 euro a load for 38 min of washing, and 50c for 20 minutes of "drying" your clothes to damp...ugh you think there would be a better system!

well i am off to sleep because it is about 01:00 here! And i am getting up at 9 to go on a...wait for it...7 mile run! plus .20 miles for warm up and cool down but...i'm excited! and a little scared. my body is so up and down all the time that i never know what it will be up for in the mornings. But i just have to remember worst case scenario, i CAN schedule. 

but besides that, wish me luck :D

and now i think i will end this post with some pictures of Grafton Street (i promise i will get better ones, i just liked the funny light trick ), and inside Poswerscourt at Christmas time!

only one more day until December :) November may be my favorite month but i don't think i have been this excited for Christmas in a long time :)

see the ballet shoes? :)

main entrance

ahh it feels like Christmas :)


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  1. Awesome pictures and wonderfully upbeat blog today! Really fun to read!!