Monday, November 14, 2011

New York, New York

New York

Firstly, let me begin by saying I did not run, except to scurry out of the way of speeding cars.
Next, that this week I have eaten more food than I think I ever have before.
And lastly, that is was one of the most fun and happiest weeks of my life.

I wish I had kept a daily log, because unfortunately so much of it is a blur now. A spectacular blur.
Well I will begin in London, when my dad and I went to an Arsenal game, followed by dinner at a fascinating vegan restaurant in Whole Foods, SAF.

most awesome Whole Foods ever

We took the Tube to and from the game – boy was it packed! The subway trains really do have a tubular shape, and my dad and I had to duck our heads when leaning on the side – so claustrophobic!
It was really nice seeing my dad again though, I am very homesick. Unfortunately, my visit to New York did not give me fuel for another five weeks. It only made me want to leave Dublin more.

So I arrived on Sunday to New York, and met up with my best friend there. We promptly set off to Peanut Butter & Co., getting some delicious sandwiches for dinner.  Sunday was just a nice, low-key night.

The blur really starts from there…we had a grand time hanging out, going to parks, and exploring the city. Monday night we went to Vegetarian Paradise and had some fun with some very awesome vegan comfort food.
Sticky Bun...YUM

Chickin' Nuggets, Buddah's Delight Veggies, and Yuca Fries :)

The next day we spent in a park for some of it, and then I snuck into my friend’s Psych class, which was pretty boring for me, considering it was old information. We did get some good doodles from it though! And it was wonderful just to be together.

a cool birdy tree

For dinner that night we ditched restaurant plans and got the peanut butter sampler from Peanut Butter & Co. so that we could try all the different flavors (except the non-vegan honey one)! Justin took me to  gorgeous park on the docks, and we sat and ate peanut butter and gaze at the water.
Justin took me to the docks :)

Samples of ALL the Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butters

Over the next two days we went to Central Park, Peace CafĂ© (exceptionally good), Angela’s Kitchen, and Lulu’s Sweet Apothecary. In case you don’t know, Justin and I are bound by our love of food :)
I also got to visit one of my best friends in her dorm because she was sick, yet it was wonderful to see her again after two months!
So many colours!

Breaded seitan with greens, mash potatoes, and gravy. SO good!

Brownie Sunday with Peanut Butter and Jelly and Pumpkin Spice Latte ice cream with ginger cookies, whip cream and a cherry :)

Friday was November 11th, 2011, and I have been waiting for 6 years to make my 11:11 wish on this date. Yet…we slept through the 11:11AM. But we had already decided to make this day extra special, because it was my last full day and the day of the big wish. So after Justin, a vegan friend from his floor, and I had a yummy breakfast (except at lunch time…), Justin and I headed out on the beautiful, and bitingly cold day for the Brooklyn Bridge :)

Awesome Monster Jacket complete with spikes

this is a private residence, we checked it out after because it looked so cool

Brooklyn Bridge

It's like spider webs

there are "dinosaurs" in the background :)

It was spectacular :) after grabbing a seasonal Christmas and Fall Starbucks, we then headed to the mystery location Justin wanted to surprise me with…
But before arriving there we got to pass the New York Public Library, and to our good fortune there was a wedding being set up! So we got to gaze at all the beautiful candles lining the steps, and making an aisle way!

New York Public Library

Wedding Candles


We also got chestnuts which I had not had before – but will definitely be making!

Then we walked to dinner at a little Asian place called Zen Palate. Despite being let down by a dessert that did not match our prior exquisite experiences, it was very interesting and far better than I had expected! A wonderful place for that special day :)
And then the big surprise of where we were going to spend the special, once-in-a-lifetime 11:11 wish!

On the Top of the Rock Observation Deck! SPECTACULAR!

Windy and freezing, but the most perfect place to spend 11:11 :)

so cold!


Then Saturday. One of the most depressing departures I have ever had. At least before when I left New York and said goodbye to a relationship with Justin I had the promise of something wonderful and new in Dublin. Now I was leaving one of the best weeks of my life and a guy I loved, for somewhere I knew I did not want to be with all my heart. There were lots of involuntary tears that continued to run down my cheeks.

The whole plane ride, and the brutal layover in Heathrow where I couldn't seem to get myself to do any work, it made me realize how horrified I was to be going back to school. I don’t know how I can make any other decision but to leave Dublin, and I want to go before the semester is even out, because my mental health can’t hold up against this depression. I would kill to be anywhere but here right now.

...except as most of you know i am against killing in every circumstance...haha

It is sad, yeah, because I have such a fantastic experience in front of me. I realize that. The problem is that school is only making me more and more miserable, and the extremity of my loneliness in Dublin is something I don’t think I can handle any longer. The only way I got through the three weeks prior to Reading Week was the promise of New York and leaving. Now I have to wait five weeks, its not fun. but i talked to my parents and they are okay with me skipping my non-fun classes that i dislike! as long as i am not just being lazy. so i am filling my time sitting in on politics and history classes instead. that is how i am making it through the next weeks :) so hopefully not going to nights out and hanging out with drunk people and filling my time being a free-agent-student will help. 

and looking into vegan culinary programs, jobs in Portland, and even in New York. 

A bit of a mixed entry eh? I hope hearing about my wonderful week of love and joy in New York was entertaining, and the last part…well hope that my new classes get me through this. And hope I get the courage to start running again…damn the lazy week…

And I want to thank Justin too. For giving me a decorating pen, a recycled-motorcycle dragonfly, an owl necklace, and one of the happiest weeks of my life :)
You know how I feel about you.


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