Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Wish I Could Hike Everyday

Hello! I hope you all are doing well, and enjoying the pictures from my last hike because i have more on this post!

but first...

i completed that 7-mile run! first run ever i have not gotten lost on during the first attempt at the route! it felt awesome! my body was so tired after but i got every ounce of tension out of me, and it felt great! a little back pain at the end of the run, but i think i inherited back problems, so it just means i need to get used to it :P

it was a relatively bright day (meaning ALMOST sunny), and Laura ran with me which added motivation for me to work harder! All in all, i am hoping to do another 7-mile run this week also. 

My exercise for Thrusday-Saturday was walking into college, running into college the long way, and running a nice sunny 4 miles, then walking to the Dublin Coop and back!

That was my day Saturday (mostly, besides working unsuccessfully on my mom's Christmas gift): going to the Dublin Coop with a wonderful vegan girl in my course :) she hadn't been there yet, and i think i will bring my camera next time i go (next Saturday, my LAST full Saturday :/ ). It was a very, very fun trip, and it was great to talk to someone who also confesses to be "obsessed" with food! It was simply joyous getting to hangout with someone who i had lots in common with, and i just loved the talking we did :) We got a lot of great stuff at the Coop, and the fruit and veg (no one here ever says "vegetables," ever) was so much cheaper than organic produce in the supermarket stores, and much better quality too! Plus...they have samples at the Coop...and you can't beat samples. 

I also finished all my Christmas shopping! Originally i wan't going to spend much on stuff at the Coop, because i was going to subtract the money spent on Christmas gifts from my usual weekly money spent. However, my mom convinced me that since i only have two weeks left, i shouldn't strain myself as far as money goes and enjoy the food and fun things in Dublin. So that's what i did :) i am planning on cutting back my spending this week and next to hopefully make up for it a little.

I would like to add in i have a new favorite food: brown rice with flax-seed oil and soy sauce. oh. my. god. TRY IT!


Today i took the DART out to Greystones, an adorable little beach town in Wicklow. I found the hike, and figured out how to get there all by myself, which made me kinda proud :)

The day started off sprinkling in Dublin, and i almost "rain-checked" my hike. But i figured next weekend i want to take a tour of Newgrange, so today is the day. and i am so glad i got out there!

the view downwards from the start of the hike

if you follow the curving gray line that is where the train goes!

For this beginning stretch, it was sprinkling and a little dark. I almost gave up finding this trail however, because my directions weren't too great. Luckily a little cafe had a map of Greystones on it's side, so i managed to get through the thicket of construction going on to get here - it was stunning. 

Now to bombard you with more pictures from the hike!
my first "artsy" shot

i just loved this patch of clovers! so i got so cliche-type shots

fresh rain :)

i just loved this tree

i...just had to. 

some of these i took for the sky

ahh i loved the look of this wall

i am a fan of these close-ups with blurry backgrounds. no editing! just the right angle

i love this one


the white one says "heroes" on it

sun coming out!

i think the tree in the next picture looks better. but with these crows and the dark colors i just thought it looked pretty eerie 

such a spectacular hike. i love that all these photos are totally natural too :) i just wish i had a better camera, because the one i have just couldn't capture how beautiful the ocean was. the whole cliff walk was pretty breathtaking. and coupled with the appropriate Taylor Swift songs, it really was medicine to the soul.

i just LOVE the outdoors. i can't get enough of it. going outside never fails to make my mood dramatically improve. i truly love it :)

stay tuned, because i think we are visiting the Dublin Zoo tomorrow! that should be a blast! 
i am considering a similar running schedule to last week, taking tomorrow off (we will still do a good amount of walking without even trying however), and then a 3-4mile run Tuesday (perhaps 3.5miles?), then a 7 miler Wednesday, rest or walk Thursday, and then a 3.5ish mile Friday. probably to school. I am hoping to go on a tour next weekend of Newgange, which will be a rest day next Saturday or Sunday. hopefully Sunday so i can visit the Coop one more time! 

another reason i love hiking: it is a fantastic way to mix up my regular workouts and add diversity by exercising without even really knowing it! haha i swear, all i will do when i get home is hike. 

also, i've been keeping track:

days just wheat-free (i.e., eating Spelt and/or reasonable quantity of oats): 2
days just gluten-free: 4
can't say there has been some huge difference, but if i think hard about it i feel like i have had more energy the last few days. but that could be a placebo-like effect. oh well, i'm gonna keep it up :)

shout-out to my favorite Oregonians (and the Washington Residents, and the newly-moved Cali Resident): i'll see you guys in two weeks :D :D :D :D :D

13 days...and 21 days...oh the joy :)



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