Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Back on Track

Two and a half weeks…not that bad eh?

Haha the worst part is I can’t even say I’ve been busy. I just have been too lazy to sit down and write about the minor details of my day, because nothing truly noteworthy has happened.
I’ll start where I left off: the cheater’s master cleanse.

So I finished it, and pretty quickly gained a lot of that weight back, kind of expected though. I went to Corvallis that weekend and ended up getting some kind of allergic reaction? Haha it was a really fun time seeing my friends, but starting my first ever real job with swollen, red eyes wasn’t a fun experience.

No, I didn’t get a job, really. I got hired as extra Valentine’s Day food prep help at Edible Arrangements. I worked four, thirteen and a half, and thirteen hours the three days. Since it was Valentine’s Day, most of the arrangements had chocolate dipped fruit in them. At the store, there are only two dipping stations (big silver blocks filled with two double boilers), and usually one woman who actually works there does everything. Well the first day I got assigned to work with her, and then for the next two days it was basically just me and this woman doing all the chocolate for all the orders. About 2,500 dipped strawberries each day, in addition to all the apple slices and pineapple too. It felt so good to do real, hard work. Can’t say I enjoyed getting up at 5:25 am and working from 6am to 7pm…but it was nice to work for a real paycheck.

My running shoes have been broken for the past two weeks, meaning the wire in the back digs into my heel in one pair, and the other pair causes me severe back pain. Ouch. So I haven’t been running, and only biking a little bit. Baking and cooking only a little bit. Last week, I really felt like I had hit a giant wall with my weight goals, and health.

I have been trying to change this. How?
Weight Chart. I have logged in the dates I hope to weigh a certain amount. What is good about this is that it stops me from saying, “Next week, I’ll lose a lot.” Because I have more like check points. My crazed eating the days I got back from work messed me up pretty good, but I have been getting a hold of that.

Eating lots more raw food, and being completely gluten-free. I made not very good raw crackers and raw cereal, and this chia breakfast, 

And have completely eliminated gluten from my diet.

Be VERY conscious of how I eat. I have been trying to read my body more and see what kind of food it is in the mood for. The past two days I’ve found I’m not necessarily that hungry in the morning, but a green smoothie is just the thing I crave. So I have been drinking that, and THEN seeing how I feel. I’ve been drinking water foremost when I’m hungry too, which does miracles.

Shoes. I got new running shoes yesterday, and I really need to start planning out the distances I will run each week. Spring is here, and so is all the rain I will have to run in. For now I am doing 3 – 3.5 mile runs, until I get back into shape. But I want to get back to the point where 4 to 5 miles is closer to the norm. BUT I will run 5 days a week at least, unless I do a 1.5 hour bike ride instead. Deal?

Coffee. I love coffee. And it helps me not be so hungry, as long as I don’t get a large full sugar Dutch Bro’s latte. Coffee makes me happy, it is a comforting drink and honestly, the pros outweigh the cons.

And check out this


Baking and cooking. I am trying to be more conscious, and not really eating carbs for my nightly meal. My body doesn’t digest them well and so…it’s better just to stay away. I will try to post more recipes. I made granola last night, with my own little spin on it, and I must say, I do love granola.

Next goal: gluten free breads. MUFFINS. Haha. Yumm.

I am also trying to cook more, it’s a good feeling.

Reading. This has been a great way to spend my time, and very peaceful. I love reading, and it always inspires me to write, which is good J

Blogging. I will try to write an entry every week. Goal.

I’m not sure what else to say, I have been job searching and still no job yet. Hopefully soon however. One good thing of not having a job (though when I get a job, I am taking this weekend off) is SASQUATCH! Hell yeah. I this new song I am obsessed obsessed obsessed with…the band is going to be there. It made my day yesterday.
This song makes me feel like I’m singing it, and it’s about me. In many ways. Take that how you want, and enjoy :) 

I'm not so sure how i feel about the video however. 


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