Sunday, October 30, 2011

Running, Co. Mayo, and Little Inspirations

While this gray weather makes running harder to do, it is positively the most fun to lounge around in.

that's what i've been doing today. lounging.
luckily the clocks were set back today. what a nice surprise! i woke up, did upper body exercises, had my own lazy-limited college adaption of Oh She Glows' Vegan Overnight Oats, accompanied with pancakes i have on hand in the freezer, then made cookie dough to bake before i travel to London, then New York at the end of the week.

i am overwhelmingly excited. 
those are the pancakes from a few days ago, spelt and garbanzo bean pancakes, with jam, pumpkin butter, white chocolate peanut putter, chopped almonds and cherries, and ground flax and golgi berries.
oh so good. 

that brings me to a little pre-New Year's resolution i am making. publicly, in hopes i actually stick to it.

now don't laugh...

resolution: i will not eat jam or almond butter out of the jar. anymore. 
(notice i said nothing about peanut butter ;) )

when i go to New York we are going to Peanut Butter and Co., the company that makes peanut butter that i can eat out of the jar in a day. when i paced myself intensely it lasted a whole three days. i'm obsessed.

another resolution i am wanting to make:
i plan on taking up reading, or sketching in replace of eating.

i am trying very hard to be proactive about my eating. i think about it too much and eat out of pure boredom. 

speaking of boredom, i have some fantastic pictures from my weekend in County Mayo with my friend Laura to keep you guys from getting bored. for those of you wondering, yes, i still absolutely adore Ireland, and this trip out to the countryside where Laura lives was a great reminder it isn't the country that is driving this depression and fierce desire to leave, it is school, and the drinking/partying "college experience."

all i want to do is have dinner parties, bake for school functions, eat tv dinners with my significant other, go to coffee with my grown-up friends, and form a power walk gang with my gal-pals. 

haha i did always want to grow up...

just a gorgeous picture of a lake i walked to

Laura's dog, Kip, came exploring with me the first day while Laura was at work

what would a trip to the Irish countryside be without sheep!

we got to go riding in the rain :)

i found this poor little guy on the side of the road. his body was rock solid, probably from the cold, and being on the road for awhile. so i picked him up, and put him on a nice grass bed on the roadside. then i made a cross, and collected flowers. 
Laura's house. isn't it GORGEOUS? her parents knew the owner and used to come by when they were 19. they returned 20 years later and it was a wreck that no one was living in. they have been fixing it up since :)

road to Laura's

i had done no baking up to this point, so we went crazy! a vegan, wheat-free pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin! the face is made out of chai frosting :) 

then, we made gingerbread men. wheat-free, and vegan! YUM

for better or worse, food makes me extremely happy :) imagine being a professional food stylist - just taking pictures of good food ALL DAY! so many fun jobs out there.

so yesterday my plan was to go for a nice long run. it has been gorgeous and crisp and sunny since Monday, but when i woke up it was raining. i left my window open for about a minute, and it looked like this:

i guess i slept through the sun. 

but after breakfast and working on homework for a bit, the rain stopped.

and it was a beautiful fall day again and i went for a nice jog.

and i got to skype with my sister for awhile, which is always wonderful. 
and i watched more newest past-time. 
and i finished an assignment given to us in gibberish, that has sparked a long conversation of the Psychology facebook page of everyone helping each other decipher the meaning. 

i thought that the point of Research and Methodology was to be clear and concise so that experiments can be replicated.
this assignment can't even be completed.
haha but i did my best. i still have an English essay to whittle away at today. 

the day today is a bit cloudy, and i have made the executive decision to make today a rest day. i don't know about any of you, but rest days cause me extreme anxiety. i have the mindset if i take one day off from dripping with sweat, my body will explode into obesity. rest days are important i recognize, and i am trying to focus on being healthier, because being skinny is consistently feeling like a lost cause. especially with a thyroid that simply will not work. 
but it is okay, ill take today off, and i will run again Monday through Friday. 

Friday my dad comes :) and i wanted to go here, but they seem to be closed 24hours a day. so The Cedar Tree is where we will probably go to dinner, because ever since going to Mamouns in New York, i have been obsessed with falafels. it breaks my heart there are no cheap food places around here, i miss good street food.

so you can imagine i am excited for New York :)

(side note) did you know "Pumped Up Kicks" is about a school shooting? for real. listen carefully to the lyrics you are chanting when you sing along...

inspiration one is a quote that i first heard in Dinotopia. i know it didn't originate there, but i LOVE that movie.
this is proof of my love of that movie, it is how i got asked to Prom :)

the quote is this:
Eat to Live, don't Live to Eat.
i am trying to remind myself of that constantly.

the next thing is a list of adjectives i thought of after i went running the other day.

when i run i feel...
  • accomplished
  • relieved
  • simple
  • cleaned-out
  • healthy
  • zen-type tired
  • content
  • calm
  • proud
  • like i have done something for the day
  • at peace with all my internal pain
  • loose
  • soft 
  • brave
so that's all then. i am trying to only do posts when i actually have things to say, or pictures. i will add on that i AM going to run Monday through Friday. if i say it here maybe i will stick to it...

p.s. i took the picture that is my background for this blog. i'm pretty proud of how perfect it fits this whole idea.  

once i bake the cookies, if i like them enough i will post the link. hopefully this isn't boring and you want to stay tuned, and thanks for reading guys!


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